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“These guys are awesome!  They really know their instruments. They’re always very helpful and informative.
My daughter takes violin lessons here, and the instructor is really top notch!  She’s very good with her and also very knowledgable!
Honestly, I could go on and on about how great this place is! Seriously!”

-Michelle C.

I have a son that takes drums and a daughter that takes guitar at Laguna Hills Music Academy. They both love their teachers and like coming to lessons each week. Both teachers have found a way to make the lessons fun! I love it because I was able to get both kids in back to back time slots which means only 1 trip instead of two – saving me time! 

-Sandy J.

Had to replace my daughter’s bow for her violin today.
Went to Laguna Hills Music and I was really impressed with the guy helping out. He is extremely knowledgeable and did not try to push me to the more expensive bows knowing my child will out grow her violin well before this new bow needs replacing.
Also learned they offer affordable one on one music lessons. Jack pot!!!!
I know what my kid is doing this summer.

-Mary I.


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