Preschool Music - "Music Pups"

Research shows that early childhood is the window of opportunity to increase the life-long musical aptitude of a child. Our award-winning curriculum, developed by The Music Class® (TMC) allows us to capatalize on this critical time period.

The preschool music program is a fun, group class for children ages 18 months - 4 1/2yrs, designed to teach basic music competence and stimulate young minds. This class provides the opportunity for parents to interact musically with their child. All classes are 45 minutes once per week. The classes cover:

The classes cover:

-Movement and music
-Learning to sing and listen
-Making music with percussion instruments
-Recognition of various instruments
-Elementary note recognition
-Exposure to many different styles of music

preschool music class

Our class is designed to nurture the musical development of young children by motivating parents and caregivers to engage in musical activities with their child. Through teacher modeling, play, parent education, the joy of our classes, and the acclaimed CDs produced by TMC, our preschool music class provides a catalyst for parents to create a stimulating musical environment for their child.

Fun is the single most important factor in capturing the minds of young children. Our students have a great time in class, and always look forward to the next session. Because the music is not overly simple like on many children's CDs, we find our parents enjoy it just as much as their children.

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