Rentals - Lowest prices in Orange County!

Special - Every rental includes a 50% off coupon for an introductory lesson!

All of our rentals include the option to buy!
Up to 6 months of your rental payments can be applied towards the purchase of a new rental instrument or any other selected instrument of equal or better grade. This convenient option gives you the chance to try before you buy!

We are one of the largest suppliers of rental instruments to students within the Orange County school district.

We rent the following instruments:


1 Month Rent
Violins  $20.00
Snare Drum Kits
Alto Saxes
Tenor Saxes
Guitars (Acoustic) 20.00

There is a 2 month minimum for rentals.

Ask about our special discount when you prepay for the entire school year.

New rental instruments are also often available with a minimum 6 month's rent paid in advance (non-refundable)
- Ask about pricing and availability.

All you need to rent one of our instruments is:
- A valid California Driver's License or valid California ID
- A valid credit card (Not debit) (Card holder must be present to fill out & sign rental agreement form)
- First month's payment and cleaning fee equal to one month's rent

Not sure what size you need for Violin? Click here for our violin measurement chart!


Not sure what size you need for Viola? Click here for our viola measurement chart!


Not sure what size you need for Cello? Click here for our cello measurement chart!



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